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Video call with Carlie Sorosiak.

Year 6 were recently very lucky to hold a Zoom interview with Carlie Sorosiak (all the way from Georgia, USA!). Carlie was great fun, made us laugh a lot and told us everything there was to know about what it’s like to be an author. The highlights of our chat included finding out that Carlie writes about animals as she prefers them to humans (she considered training to be a vet) and that once she starts writing, she never starts another job until the book is complete. It was a great pleasure to talk to Carlie, not only was she very friendly but very informative too. 

Some children in Year 6 bought copies of Carlie's books: I, Cosmo and My Life as a Cat, and they now have background knowledge of the origins of these stories as they continue reading.  All in all, a great experience, thank you Carlie!

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