School Council


Making a Difference

St. Bernadette’s has a very active school council in which an elected member from each class in Key stage 2 meets fellow students in a discussion forum where views and ideas are shared.

School Council 2020-21


Year 1- Mollie, Pixie, Connor

Year 2- Josie, Maria-Eleni, Igor

year 3- Alarna, Callie

Year 4- Kelvin, Alexander, Sean

Year 5- Alvin, Joseph, Ava-May

Year 6- Beatrice, Eshan, Jayden


The Election Process


In order to become a school councillor the children had to present their election manifesto before their year band in assemblies. The children were then asked to voted for a chosen candidate from their class using a ballot process. Each of the children were given a voting slip which they had to exchange for a ballot paper. The children then had to go to the voting booth and select their candidate by placing an ‘X’ in the box.


What is our Vision?


To have a school which is dynamic, a school that not only listens, but acts upon the views of its pupils. To further promote and express the voice of the child, not just within our school but within the City of Birmingham and with schools around the World. We hope to extend and share our ideas through further communications with other schools across the globe.


What is our Aim?


To raise people’s awareness that children have valid ideas. To be a voice for the children in our school. To make our school an even more friendly and pleasant place in which to learn. To make suggestions as to how our school could be improved further. To further improve our school environment. To raise money for charities.



Newman Presentation 2019

The School Council interviewed lots of pupils to find out their thoughts on teachers, lessons & the school.  Their news report was then presented to student teachers at Newman University!