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Video Call with Catherine Bruton

Year 5 were lucky enough to have a video call with Catherine Bruton, the author of No Ballet Shoes in Syria, which is the book we are studying in English. We had the opportunity to ask Catherine lots of questions about her writing, such as:

  • What message would you like people to take from No Ballet Shoes in Syria?

  • If you could step into any children’s book, which one would it be and why?

  • What inspired you to become an author?

Catherine was very interesting and she gave us lots of tips to improve our own writing. She taught us about having a Pen Name and helped us create our own! She also spoke to us about her new book, Another Twist in the Tale, which we can’t wait to read.

Catherine asked us which book we would like to step into and we had lots of different responses, such as The Clockwork Crow, The 1000 Year Old Boy and Pages & Co. 

Thank you Catherine for taking the time to speak to us - we found the video call very inspiring and we can’t wait to read and write even more!

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